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Hundreds of thousands of thousands of luxury bags, after buying needs careful maintenance, or accidentally, sprinkled with champagne or wine, there may be scrapped. However, if you really encounter this situation, consumers do not be too anxious, well-known luxury louis vuitton goods trading platform - weeding network responsible person gave you a luxury bag offers several ways to save.

When oil hit luxury louis vuitton replica bags

Be careful not to let the bag when oil stains, first with a soft cloth (such as wiping glasses with a cloth) to wipe the oil, then the cleaning liquid (best to use high point of detergent) and other re-wipe, attention must be gentle. If the dirt more, can be used to wipe clean the cream, so to achieve a new look effect. However, after cleaning, you must carefully wipe with a dry cloth.

When luxury bags encounter beer, wine, coffee

When the bag sprinkled with beer, wine, soda, coffee, etc., wipe with a soft cloth dipped in warm water, the water can be reused low concentrations of detergent wipe.

Luxury replica louis vuitton bags routine maintenance rules

Advises consumers once a week on luxury bags big clean, that is a large clean, in fact, very simple, just a soft cotton or flannel soaked twist gently wipe dry; once a month to fresh milk and water press mixture of one to one ratio, with a soft clean cloth dipped in a mixture. This method can effectively remove dust also help prolong the life of leather. However, it is worth noting: After using fresh milk and water mixture must use a clean cloth to wipe clean, otherwise it is very easy to become smelly.

Maintenance of these luxury louis vuitton bags can get very good care, but if suffered severe stains, the owner of the best bags to the store requires specialized cleaning services, and coated with a protective agent.

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